Case Studies

This Lorentz Solar pump system operates all year round

The project located on a beautiful spring fed dam east of Braidwood required an solar water pumping solution.

Solar Horticulture Irrigation

The install in Gumeracha SA is in a newly developed apple and pear orchard. Recycled town water is available at a very low cost, but estimates of electrical infrastructure install cost were $80,000.

Solar Pumping for Centre Pivot – WA

REAQUA’s client runs 5,000 head of cattle at a Western Australian station. Our brief was to design a solar pumping system to provide year round water supply over an area of 40 hectares per pivot.

Trailer Mounted Solar Pumping System

Roy Hill Mine, located in the Pilbara WA, required multiple, portable, easy to use pump systems to transfer leachate from sumps to an evaporation pond located 50 metres away.

Travelling Irrigator for Stock Feed

This Tasmanian client invested in a LORENTZ solar pump for his travelling irrigator. Beef prices are rising and he saw value in increasing his property's carrying capacity – more water equals more cattle.

4kw Deep Bore Solar Pumping System

REAQUA’S Katherine dealer – McWhirther & McGrath – work with pastoralists in the NT, where deep water tables in the area (often in excess of 100 metres) are a common problem.

Submersible Pump for Tank Fill

The client was providing water for irrigation and livestock relying solely on rain harvesting through either roof catchment for tanks or dam water. Lack of rain in NSW has all but dried up the water storage.

Skid Mounted Solar Pumping System

Breen Holdings operates an inert waste class II landfill facility in the southern suburbs of Sydney. The landfill site collects leachate for disposal and looked for an innovative solution to this problem.

Tank Water Supply From Bore Hole Pump

The owner of a property in the Dwellingup region of WA wanted to pump as much water as possible from a low yielding bore, heavily shaded by trees, throughout the day.

Solar / Battery / Pressure Water Supply

A property owner in south east Queensland wanted access to water at all times — something not always possible due to summer storms in the area regularly causing power outages.

Large Scale Solar Pumping System

Narromine cotton grower Andrew Gill was looking to reduce pumping costs and improve irrigation efficiencies. Solar pumping was a fantastic opportunity to reduce one of the business's largest costs.

Delivering 12,000 – 18,000 litres per day with zero running costs

For this particular project our client can be rest assured that their troughs will continue to be supplied with water to take care of their livestock from the innovative install of the Lorentz solar pump.

Investing in solar pumping to reliably water property

The brief was to provide a pumping system which would reliably reticulate water around his property, but also be able to stay out of the way of any storm flows coming downstream.

25,000L per day from a bore 2.5km away

25,000 litres per day, 2,500 meters from the bore to the tank, with 93 meters of elevation

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