Solar Pumping for Centre Pivot – WA

Project Overview

REAQUA’s client runs 5,000 head of cattle at a station three and a half hours north of Perth, Western Australia. Keeping feed to his stock is a challenge due to the increasing price of diesel and electricity. The brief was to design a solar pumping system for two centre pivots to provide year round water supply over an area of 40 hectares per pivot.


The main challenges were to provide more than 90m3/hr of water at a delivery pressure of 30psi at the base of the pivot, via existing 6” bores. The standing water level (including draw down) was between 40-50 metres, requiring a total dynamic head of 75 metres. In addition, the movement of the pivot needed to be considered.


Two LORENTZ submersible pumping systems with 30kw 9 stage 6” pumps, running at 60Hz and supplied from two independent ground mounted 45kW solar arrays. While consideration was given to run the pivot’s movements from solar, an existing SWER line was deemed to be the simplest solution.


The LORENTZ solar pumping system provides an average of 1.6ML per day from the two systems. The client plans to install another three systems in the coming year to allow increase in cattle.

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