FarmFest – a worthwhile venture

June 24, 2016

When REAQUA’s Queensland Business Development Manager, Glenn Miller, arrived at FarmFest at Kingsthorpe in Toowoomba, in early June, he was uncertain of how receptive the crowd would be towards solar pumping.

However, after three full days at the event the high level of interest in solar pumping astounded him.

“The interest shown in solar pumping was nothing short of amazing, and attending FarmFest was an extremely worthwhile venture.”

Glenn spent the majority of his time at the I-Water and QLD Windmill & Solar stands.

“One-hundred and fifty customers left their name and contact details with I-Water so they could receive a quote for the installation of a solar pumping system,” Glenn said.

“While the returns won’t be immediate, the interest certainly bodes well for the coming months – but like anything time will tell.”

REAQUA NSW Business Development Manager, Bernard Proberts, also attended FarmFest on the RuralCo ProWater Dalby stand.

“The field days provided the opportunity to reach a large number of people and educate them face-to-face on solar pumping and its beneficiaries,” he said.

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