November 29, 2016

LORENTZ has launched a major revision to the PSk2 product line; this all-new version retains all of the benefits and reliability of the PSk2 – but adds exciting new features and functions.

The new SmartSolution – achieved with PSk2, SmartPSUk2 and SmartStart – delivers a hybrid pumping system that automatically blends external power sources on demand where water needs cannot be met by solar power alone.

The PSk2 becomes the brain of your water system, managing the start and end of day transition from solar to grid or from solar to generator power seamlessly and without the need for any operator intervention.

An integrated solar water pumping system for large applications, the PSk2 is delivering efficient and cost effective solutions to water, irrigation or industrial clients.


What are the key features of the PSk2?

  • The release of the new SmartPSUk2 and SmartStart supports all systems to PS40k;
  • Deeper integration of the DataModule, which is now included on the main board;
  • A whole new communication protocol, which allows new features and much more detailed analysis;
  • Full system diagnostics and error reporting through PumpScanner;
  • Constant flow and constant pressure onboard applications plus a daily amount feature;
  • An additional 4-20mA sensor input with some new software features;
  • Water storage – introducing water storage to the solar water pumping system allows for increased demands to be met, or for water to be available over night without a generator or grid power;
  • PSk2 controller – the controller is at the heart of this system, managing both system operations, power sources and constantly optimising the system for maximum water output;
  • Like all solar power, with no infrastructure to install you can place the system almost anywhere, and the PSk2 – is no different – designed for the harshest off-grid environments.


So who is utilising this new solar pumping technology?

Those who have installed the PSk2 include landowners using the system to transform their unused land into productive farmland and organisations looking for economical solutions for both water abstraction, pressure boosting and in water purification processes.

In addition, for industries that use high volumes of water the PSk2 can significantly reduce energy costs and provide reliable solutions to water demands.

REAQUA staff have the local knowledge, access to the right tools and information to plan the PSk2 system that will deliver you a high efficient and affordable hybrid solar pumping system.

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