LORENTZ Live Event

June 29, 2015

REAQUA Managing Director, Andrew Cromarty and NSW Business Development Manager, Bernard Proberts were recently invited to the LORENTZ Live event held in Hamburg, Germany, introducing the idea of Learn, Share, Grow.

The event, held 8 June to 9 June, was designed for participants to learn from LORENTZ and other LORENTZ partners, to share ideas of how we can all improve the way we do business with a goal of growing our opportunities.

Separated into small groups, participants had the chance to discuss needs, experiences and specifically the future of the solar water pumping market.

Nine topics were covered over the jam-packed two days:

  • New product showcase – showing you what is coming very soon and what we have in development, a look behind the curtain
  • CONNECTED – A chance to touch the products and think differently about the CONNECTED products and look forward
  • partnerADVANTAGE – Are you taking best advantage of what is on offer ?
  • Irrigation – The biggest growth area for solar water pumping with incredible growth
  • COMPASS – How can your wider business benefit from it and where do we take it next
  • Pump testing – See some large pumps in action and direct comparisons with other technologies
  • PSk2 – Understanding the opportunity with PSk2 and our new unique hybrid power options
  • Sites – A foundation for business efficiency
  • ROI – How ROI can be used simply to generate more sales

Find out more about the LORENTZ range of solar pumps here.


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