Solar Irrigation Solutions

REAQUA is committed to making ‘large scale solar pumping’ simple and affordable for broadacre irrigation farmers across sectors including cotton, horticulture, sugar and more.

Our experience

Our expertise and experience in large scale irrigation is driven by the Lee brothers who own both REAQUA and Lambert & Torrens — a specialist irrigation business in North West NSW.

Lambert & Torrens led the development of the irrigation sector in the Gwydir valley in the early 1980s, which provides REAQUA with a deep understanding of the needs of large scale irrigation farmers.

Our approach

Large scale solar projects are unique to most of our customers. The technology is new and evolving, so we adopt a very hands-on approach that focuses on a few key principles:

1. Transparency

With our wide range of products, we can quickly provide you with an indicative price for a system, as well as provide you with the tools to calculate your payback. We won’t ever ask you for your energy usage and costs without providing you with a price first.

2. Local service & support

We don’t sell direct to the end user; we always sell via our dealership network. This means you have the support of your local dealer for any after-sales issues, and ensure that you are dealing with a local trusted irrigation dealer, who understands your farm and irrigation requirements.

3. Understanding your irrigation system

We understand large irrigation systems, so we can ensure that your solar system delivers the water you need without compromising your irrigation program. We will always take the time to visit you on site and provide detailed plans to allow you to make an informed decision.

4. Family owned

A large scale irrigation system is a significant investment in your business. When you buy from an Australian-owned family company, you are only ever a phone call away from the owners of REAQUA, who are committed to ensuring your system is successful.

This Lorentz Solar pump system operates all year round

The project located on a beautiful spring fed dam east of Braidwood required an solar water pumping solution.

Solar Pumping for Centre Pivot – WA

REAQUA’s client runs 5,000 head of cattle at a Western Australian station. Our brief was to design a solar pumping system to provide year round water supply over an area of 40 hectares per pivot.

Travelling Irrigator for Stock Feed

This Tasmanian client invested in a LORENTZ solar pump for his travelling irrigator. Beef prices are rising and he saw value in increasing his property's carrying capacity – more water equals more cattle.

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